The Morning Brew

The shows easy pace and relaxed tone get’s listeners tuned in literally from the dawn of their new day. Weekdays from 03:00 to 05:00
Contributors: Marian

About the show:

Objective:  Entertain a 24-35 year old as using music as the main driver

While the rest of the world is snugly asleep, an ambitious few are planning their next business move or simply fantasizing about the Merc that’s only one pay rise away. The show provides the perfect soundtrack for those who plan to sleep when they’re dead.

Power songs from the eighties are set to inspire, romantic hits spark a daydream of the perfect proposal and upbeat offerings keep the busy executive awake for long enough to notice the embarrassing typo. The Show is pre-breakfast nutrition, the perfect early morning companion and the reason why there’ll be a spring in your step tomorrow at dawn.

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