DJ Fresh

Thato Sikwane, aka DJ Fresh, is a South African radio DJ, Music producer, entrepreneur and radio and television producer best known as a host on 5FM. Sikwane was born and raised in Botswana. He first came to public attention in 1997 when he became a host on YFM, a South African radio station, and later in 2006 joined 5FM.

Shows: The Fresh Breakfast Show

Despite his enormous success, Fresh remains humble about his achievements and still has many goals to pursue: “I feel I still have a way to go – if I could use the analogy of a truck with ten gears I’d only be in sixth gear now. I’m still building the foundations of my career – so much can still be done. I like to push myself, the boundaries, and people’s perceptions of the boundaries.

He’s been quoted as saying as long as he has a mic and someone who will listen to him, he doesn’t mind doing any slot on radio.

Fresh is also one of SA’s most influential club DJ’s. He has shared the DJ booth with a number of internationals during his career to date, including “Little Louie” Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Armand Van Helden, Chris Lake, Paul Van Dyke, Oskido, Fat Boy Slim, Hoxton Whores, Jazzy Jeff, Harley & Muscle, Ready D, Kenny Gope Gonzales, Viny Da Vinci, Deep, Gregory and Dominic Spreadlove. Cities like Johannesburg, Miami, London, Cape Town, Moscow, Brisbane, Ibiza, Leeds, Durban, Gaborone, Birmingham, Dubai, Montreal and Melbourne have all danced to Fresh’s beats.