Youth Entrepreneurs campaign Revive your business Unrestricted Terms and conditions All people entering this competition (“the entrants”) agree that the competition rules as set out in these terms and conditions are binding on A copy of these competition rules is available to all entrants and can be downloaded from the participating radio station links. The […]

Youth Entrepreneurs campaign

Revive your business


Terms and conditions

  • All people entering this competition (“the entrants”) agree that the competition rules as set out in these terms and conditions are binding on A copy of these competition rules is available to all entrants and can be downloaded from the participating radio station links.
  • The organiser of this competition is Absa. For the purposes of this competition, “Absa” means Absa Group Limited (Registration Number 1986/003934/06), all subsidiaries and associates of Absa Bank Limited and the ultimate holding company of Absa Group Limited, its subsidiaries and
  • Absa, its directors, members, partners, employees, agents or consultants, the suppliers of goods or services and their respective spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members, are not permitted to participate in this
  • The entrant acknowledges that they have been given enough time to read these terms and conditions before entering into this competition. The entrant is aware of all the terms printed in bold.

Personal information

  • Absa will only collect, store and use your personal information, such as your name, age, telephone number and email address for the purposes of entering the entrant into the competition and for administering the draw as set out in these rules. This will not affect any existing marketing preferences that you have registered with
  • By entering the competition, your personal information may be transferred to our service providers and agents (including their subcontractors) to store and use as necessary to administer the draw. We will never pass your information to any third party for them to use in their own direct marketing, without your
  • Your personal information will be held on record for a short period of time as necessary to administer the draw and then be securely

Rules of the competition

  • This competition starts on 13 June 2022 and ends on 24 June 2022, both dates included (“the competition period”).
  • To qualify, an entrant must:

9.1 Be 18 to 35 years of age (including people with disabilities)

9.2 Be a South African citizen

9.3 Have a registered business with CIPC operating for more than one year

9.4 Have an annual business turnover of less than R5 million.

Preference will be given to SMEs that meet the enterprise development criteria.


Method of entry

Radio stations will run an advertisement of the competition and direct entrants to a microsite, where they will answer a set of questions.


  1. First prize
    • R20 000 business development grant
    • Laptop (with bag)
    • Business coaching.
  1. Second prize
  • R10 000 business development grant
  • Business coaching


  1. Incomplete or illegible entries, bulk entries, entries from third parties and entries that do not satisfy the requirements of these terms and conditions in full, will be disqualified and will not be
  2. Each radio station will choose their top five winners, whereafter Absa Enterprise Development will choose the top three winners for each region.
  3. The winner will be chosen from all qualifying entrants based on their responses to the questions and how they met the rules of the competition.
  4. The winner will have to provide any additional documents required by Absa to claim the prize.


To participate in the competition, entrants will be required to answer a set of questions on the radio station’s site:

6.1 Name of the business

6.2 Business registration number

6.3 Number of years in operation

6.4 Province in which the business operates

6.5 Business type

6.6 Who your customers are

6.7 What differentiates your business from competition

6.8 The constraints that your business faces today

6.9 What your business needs to revive

6.10 What your annual business turnover is

  1. The winner(s) will be contacted via the radio stations. If the selected winner does not respond to their calls or messages on the preferred medium of communication, the radio station will leave a reminder Absa undertakes to try at least 3 (three) times on 3 (three) consecutive days to notify the winner(s) if the radio station is not successful in contacting them.
  2. If the prize is declined or if the winner cannot be contacted on the details supplied on their submission within 3 (three) working days of the draw date, a replacement winner will be drawn at Absa’s discretion and the replacement winner will be notified by Absa via the winner’s preferred method of communication and the “winner contact” process will be followed. The same process will be followed if the replacement winner also declines or the prize   is  unclaimed or the replacement winner cannot be
  3. Absa will deliver the prize to the radio station with which the winner entered. The winner who responds, must collect/claim their prize within 21 days after Absa has informed them, as set out in 5 above. If the prize is not claimed within the 21-day period, the prize will be The winner has no further claim to the prize and the “claim period” has ended.
  4. By entering the competition and accepting the prize, the winner of the “Revive your business competition agrees that Absa can identify them by publishing their name and surname and the prize won (if applicable) on the relevant social media platforms as decided by Absa.
  5. In addition to the above, Absa has the right to publish the winner’s name and surname in any advertising, promotional, print, point-of-sale or public relations material. The nature of these publications will be determined at the sole discretion of Absa, for a period of 12 (twelve) months from the date on which the winner is announced.
  6. Absa is not liable in any way for any direct or indirect loss or damage because of an entrant or winner’s participation in the
  7. If Absa cannot continue with the competition for any reason beyond its reasonable control or if it is required by any regulatory terms or applicable law, Absa may end or alter the terms of the competition on condition that:
    • No winner has been determined; and
    • Reasonable notice has been given beforehand to all
  8. If the competition is ended as set out in 13 above, no entrant will have any claim of any nature whatsoever against
  9. Absa is not obliged to award more than the defined prize. If the prize is anything other than a cash award, Absa will not be liable for any defects or damage to the prize. The winner must refer to the applicable supplier/manufacturer warranty for replacement or repair of the item. Where it is clearly stipulated in the terms and conditions: a) that a third party is responsible to supply the prize awarded by Absa; and b) that a prize will be supplied by a third party, Absa will not be liable if such third party fails to.
  10. The prizeCannot be transferred and will only be handed over if all details given are factually correct.
  1. Amendments to the terms and conditions:

17.1 Absa is entitled to amend the terms and conditions thereof insofar as same is deemed necessary and such amendments may relate to  any aspect of such competition.

17.2  The amendments may include the addition and/or deletion of any existing and/or proposed terms and conditions of the competition, which amendments may also affect the identified prize, including but not limited to the cash prize of such competition.

 17.3   The proposed amendments may be effected before the start date of the competition and during the competition period, which   amendments may result in the competition period being reduced and/or extended as deemed necessary

17.4 It is the entrant’s responsibility to regularly check the website where the competition rules are made available as per clause 1, for any amendments.

  1. In the event that the terms and conditions of this competition are amended in terms of clause 19, such amendments will become effective immediately or on such date as may be determined by Absa. However, all entrants who have received confirmation of the prize before such, will remain eligible to receive the prize that has been awarded to them in accordance with the terms and conditions in force when they were selected as
  2. No entrant will have any recourse or claim against Absa as a result of any amendment to these terms and conditions or as a result of Absa’s cancellation, termination or suspension of the competition in line with these terms and


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