METRO FM wins big at the Ask Afrika Youth Brands awards

METROFM Guest blogger

The 2017/18 Ask Afrika Youth Brands benchmark in a nutshell

Youth brands are brands that are loyally used by South African youths, aged 15-34 irrespective of background or living standard. These are brands that define a common experience, often on a daily basis to which South African youth are committed to in a real sense: they put their money where their mouths are to demonstrate this commitment.

The research methodology behind the benchmark
From a South African perspective, our youth is an important part of the market. This benchmark answer questions around loyal usage patterns from as young as 15 up to those who have recently entered the job market. The benchmark focused on the age group 15-34, with a sample of 6,942 that represents 11,993,000 young South Africans. For the 2017/18 survey, 32 youth brands were identified coupled with the top 3 ranking in 72 product categories.
The South African Youth consumers can further be split between their life stages. To understand the youth market better, these categories can be used in a segmentation model filtered on the brand and/or product category. The following table indicates the core life value, -events and – stages within these life stages.

METRO FM  is ranked as a Ask Afrika Youth Brands Survey Youth Brand winner and the winner of the Radio Listening category. Thank you for voting and helping us activate greatness.