Getting to know Nthabeleng Matela

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Born and raised in the small mining town of Carletonville, Nthabeleng was raised by both parents and attended Primary School at, Westfields Primary. Nthabeleng has been based in Pretoria for the past 12 years, but still holds many childhood memories of Carletonville.

Nthabeleng has always been curios about radio growing up, “ I used to ask myself where the voices inside the radio came from. Fast forward years later, I’ve answered my own question. I am that voice,” she says.

When asked what the defining moment was for her in radio, she said; “In Jan(uary) 2019 I took a big risk amd officially resigned to work in radio full time” and soon after that she hosted the Drive Show Monday-Friday 3-6pm at TuksFM. That’s how she knew she had tapped into her gift.

Her biggest accomplishment in her radio career thus far is winning the award of Best Afternoon Drive Presenter (campus) at the 2020 SA Liberty Radio Awards and being nominated for Best Drive Show & Best News Bulletin Reader.

Top of the list is being the first campus radio presenter to join METRO FM. Her biggest accomplishment during here DJ’ing career is playing a LIVE set on TV & Radio at the same time – METRO FM making history with SABC1 with #Get2GetherExperience.

When asked how she felt about being a radio award recipient she said: “it’s fantastic, and it certainly felt great to be recognized as an influential radio personality.”

When asked what advice she would give to someone wanting to enter the radio/entertainment industry Matt Elle elaborated on “Commitment. Consistency and Confidence as follows:

1.Commitment – Take time & effort to prepare for your craft. Play it back to yourself & ask yourself HOW could I have done it better?

2.Consistency – it;s about the MUSIC, speak less and have PURPOSE with every link. Ask yourself is this link going to Entertain, Inform or Educate my listener?

3.Confidence – BELIEVE in yourself. It’s very hard to believe in someone who doesn’t believe in themselves. Only you can be confident in yourself.”

Interesting things about Mat Elle that you did not know:

•She grew up as a sprinter and does not like long distance running.

•If she could have one superpower, it would to be able to read all the books in the world in 1 day.

•If she could switch lives with someone for a day it would be Oprah Winfrey as she is inspired by her mindset and work ethic.

•In the next five years she wants to be known for being that radio host that transforms lives through being The Highest & Greatest Expression of herself and that journey has begun on the 4am Club where she’s creating content that inspires and transforms lives.

•Off-air, MAT_ELLE is a business woman, an MC, V/O artist & Queen on Decks.

Catch Mat_Elle on The 4am Club every Saturday and Sunday