Getting to know Lindi Sirame

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Lindi was born in Venda in Limpopo in a small village called Mukula. She was raised by her grandmother in Bramley, Johannesburg, where her grandmother worked as a domestic worker.

Even though her radio career was launched in 2010 when she joined UJFM as a news anchor while studying towards a BA in Journalism, her early influence in the world of Journalism came way before that. Lindi says that she realized that she loved news back when she was in high school.

She said “I started a weekly tabloid paper which fished all the juicy gossip, I made a lot of enemies.” She chuckles as she tells the story.

Although in her matric year she still hadn’t chosen what she wanted to study, growing up with her grandmother, she would watch the 30 minute news on SABC in every language every evening. One night her grandmother pointed at the TV and said, “why don’t you go do that?”.

She had no clue what “that” was but upon doing some research she found a few courses on journalism and media studies and in the end was accepted at the University of Johannesburg for a degree in Journalism. Lindi’s grandmother played a huge role in her career choice.

Her grandmother introduced her to a small daily ritual of watching the news in different languages, even though they may not have understood what was said. Lindi says the images were always able to tell the story.

Outside of radio, Lindi is also a news anchor at Newzroom Afrika. “I’m still learning how to balance the roles but even on my most tired days, I’m driven by the passion.” she says.
Lindi’s biggest accomplishment is getting on METRO FM, “This is something I’ve pursued for a while. I wanted it with all my heart. I’m also really proud that every evening Makhulu gets to watch my news bulletins, I know she’s proud.”

Here are a few things you may not have known about Lindi:
•If she could be any meal, she would be oxtail. She says she identifies with an oxtail dish for its warmth and heartiness, just like herself
•She loves spending time with family when she is not working
•When asked if she would change anything about herself, she said, “I would absolutely not change anything about myself or my journey”. She says she loves herself flaws, and all.
•When asked what advice she would give someone who wanted to enter the radio and entertainment industry, she said “Pace yourself and learn as much as you can. Take all the feedback and let it build you”.

Catch Lindi Sirame on the Kings Suite week days from 3pm to 6pm