Getting to know Chante Jantjies

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Getting to know Chante Jantjies

Chante Jantjies was born in Johannesburg and her mother is from Motherwell , Port Elizabeth whereas her dad is from the UK. She giggles as she shares her experience of her first radio gig and says “all the glory to God that I’m currently living my first radio dream job at my dream radio station METRO FM – I’ve never done radio before. Home to the best of the best;” and we could not agree more.

Her career in TV led her to want to explore radio so that she is not only confined to television. Outside of radio, Chante runs a 100% self-funded charity organizations called “Chante Cares” and also owns a technology and mobile company as well as a production company.

Her highest achievement is in her words is “Breaking the Norm.”

Chante started TV at the age of 15 and ultimately TV News at the tender age of 18 years old. She was a title holder of Miss Teen Universe and transitioned to the world of broadcasting, and ultimately joining the SABC family at the age of 22.

Her word of advice to people who want to enter the media space is to also find a sound financial base as a lot of media jobs are adhoc and therefore financially unstable. Chante says she was lucky to have mentors that were able to advise her about this due to their shortcomings hence her businesses that she runs on the side, outside her passion which is media.

Her advice is to work smart and hard and absorb knowledge from everyone around you. According to Chante, the media industry rewards sacrifice and will make you reap rewards based on what you put in.

Interesting things to know about Chante

• If she was a dish she would be caviar as she likes the finer things in life
• She hates making mistakes and tardiness
• Her fear is the thought of losing her loved ones
• The fact that Chicken Licken is not open makes her mad
• If she could switch lives with someone for a day, she would be Malala Yusvzai an activist for female education and Nobel prize laureate. She admires her bravery, strength and will power to stand up for a purpose higher than herself.

Catch Chante on The WKNDR Saturdays from 6am – 9am