Afropunk announces solution sessions season 2

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Guests to include Fka Twigs, The Seventh President of Ireland Mary Robinson, Tarana Burke, Brian Stevenson, April Reign, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, Kimberly Drew and more


AFROPUNK has announced season two of their Webby Award-winning podcast Solution Sessions kicking off today with guests, co-founder of AFROPUNK and Matthew Morgan and CEO / Co-President Jocelyn Cooper. Hosted by Bridget Todd and Yves Jeffcoat AFROPUNK Solution Sessions uses the spirit and power of community to tackle important conversations about how culture, activism, and politics impact folks of color and the solutions that achieve positive results. For Episode 1 the hosts take it back to the beginning exploring the history of AFROPUNK and discuss the “solutions” that both AFROPUNK the Media Company and Solution Sessions provide. Morgan and Cooper share their challenges of operating a Black-Owned business in a predominantly white space and where they hope to see the platform grow to in the future. The hosts also speak with AFROPUNK staff on what it means to be Black and “PUNK” in a world that consistently tries to force the monolith. Episodes with run every Wednesday starting today.

Produced by AFROPUNK, the disruptive media company known for its global festivals, this season will explore actionable answers to real-world questions that represent a multitude of viewpoints from racially and socially diverse communities of people of color across the globe. Season two will include AFROPUNK 2019 BROOKLYN and ATLANTA co-founder FKA Twigs, #METOO movement founder Tarana Burke, the seventh President of Ireland Mary Robinson, lawyer and social activist Bryan Stevenson, former Black Panther Party chairwoman Elaine Brown and many more who have inspired and help sustain the AFROPUNK movement. Weekly episodes will include discussions around Digital Blackness, Climate Change, Art as Resistance, and Black Women in Incarceration to kick off the season.
“I am thrilled about our second season of the Solution Sessions podcast,” said Jocelyn Cooper, President, and Co-CEO at AFROPUNK. “I know of no other series like AFROPUNK Solution Sessions that hosts conversations and gives a platform for young thought leaders who are tackling some of the most challenging issues in our society for people of all colors and backgrounds.” Host Bridget Todd explains: “AFROPUNK’s Solution Sessions is the only podcast that deals with global blackness. Each episode we dive into topics that aren’t typically discussed by mainstream media, and I appreciate the worldly issues we cover and how we are amplifying black stories.”

Afropunk Solution Sessions, returns to South Africa for a two day panel discussion with veteran civil rights activist Angela Davis, ahead of the 2019 Joburg festival.

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AFROPUNK is an integrated media platform and global live events company that serves as a voice for the unwritten, unwelcome and unheard. It is the largest platform for discovery of alternative Black culture. AFROPUNK creates an anchor for its growing audience of multicultural youth through its annual music festivals, which span four continents and six cities around the globe (Brooklyn, Paris, London, Atlanta, Bahia, and Johannesburg), while continually enhancing engagement and promoting conversation through content, commerce, and community.

About AFROPUNK Solution Sessions
AFROPUNK’s SOLUTION SESSIONS is an event-based platform and content series that pairs our community’s finest activist experts with smart, young minds and a fearless audience together to tackle the issues many of us are facing. Through public forums, audience members get informed by presentations and roundtable discussions featuring the brightest thinkers in a variety of fields to leave our events armed with information to engage in local and national issues. The Solution Sessions Podcast features historical narratives and current events, the protagonists at the center of today’s biggest stories, and members of the AFROPUNK community looking to affect change after the music ends. These are the real, true, and important dialogues taking place throughout the AFROPUNK diaspora, conversations with a purpose.